Jembrae News

Welcome To The Team Ashleigh

We are pleased to welcome Ashleigh Urban to the Jembrae family. Jembrae Ricochet (Rock Springs/Sandro Hit/Rotspon) will join Ashleigh in January.  With genetics including  Rock Forever, De Niro, Fidertanz, Sandro Hit and Rotspon, the future is exciting.
We met Ashleigh and her mum Tracey, earlier this year when Ashleigh was the winner of the Jembrae Warmbloods Young Horse competition at PRARG.  After speaking with Ashleigh and having watched her compete over the years, I was impressed.  We are so  pleased to offer Ashleigh a Jembrae sponsorship. 
?The main purpose of a brand ambassador is to embody the values, the character and the overall image inherent to the brand?.
It?s a long way to go from weanling, to under saddle to dressage arena.  It takes patience, courage and determination.  Age is not important in who we support or who supports us, it?s helping them achieve their dreams and being part of a partnership, that is important to us ??.
The journey is the reward….