Arnarge  Razzle Dazzle

Eveyone who meets Razzle falls in love with her as she would rather stand with you for hours and have a scratch than be with other horses.  She is the number 1 mare in our broodmar band and a favourite of many.  Her temperament is what sets her apart, she is handle by young and old and treats everyone the same.

Razzles’ sire needs no introduction as most riders have had some exposure to Rostspon bloodlines. A son of Rubinstein who is closely related to our stallion Riverside, Rotspon was the winner of his performance test with a score of 148 points. Rotspon was announced the Hanoverian Stallion of the year in 2017. To achieve this accolade some of the attributes you needed are to have had successfully produced over 200 St.Pr. mares, licensed stallions and it be proven that this stallion passes on his breeding traits. Rotspon, is known to all of us for his trainability and rideability. I was lucky enough to see Rotspon giving a 15 year old girl a lesson at the Celle State Stud in Germany, confirming his rideability and trainability. Since then we have been searching for a Rotspon mare to include in our breeding program.

Razzle has producded 2 fillies by Sandro Hit, 1 colt by Ferro Rocher (dec), 1 filly by Don Dancier, a filly by Dante Weltino (dec) and a colt by Franzikus.

Razzle is dual registered with the AWHA and the Hanoverian Society of Australia.


Jembrae Splendid Diva
Sandro Hit/Rotspon/xx

Sassy is the daughter of Arnage Razzle Dazzle and has the same wonderful temperament that her mother possesses.

Everyone comments on her beautiful nature and her sculptured face. Sassy’s riding career was ended abruptly due to a paddock accident and therefore will only be a broodmare.  Under saddle she showed an active hind leg and good swing through her body.

The dam of Sandro Hit, Loretta has produced many performance horses including some of the most famous stallions, Sandro Hit, Diamond Hit and Royal Hit. Ranked in the top 10 most successful stallions in the World Breeding Federation of Sport horses for the last 7 years, maintaining his position in the top 5 for the last 4 years, Sandro Hit and De Niro remain the most prominent stallions in breeding sport horses.

Sassy is registered with the Hanoverian Society of Australia and has produced 3 colts (1 dec), 2 by De Niro and one by Rocks Springs.


Jaybee Aussie Maid

A special mare who continues to deliver in her progeny.

Aussie as she is affectionaly called on the farm, has product 3 lovely foals and each one of them has been special.  Her first foal for Jembrae Warmbloods was Jembrae Balou Uaway by Balouet du Rouet, nammed Bonnie.  Bonnie is growning into a wonderful mare and feedback from the trainers was that she was a really nice mare who wants to go forward.  Bonnie will be retained by us and we will breed some eventing horses from her.  Assuie has also produced a wonderful cot by Diacontinus and a filly by Don Index.   One thing they all have in common is their temperaments.  We can do anything with them and that is from day one.  Aussie is proving herself as a great dam line in the trainability her progeny are showing. 

Aussie is dual registered with both the AWHA and Hanoverian Society.


Vb.Pr. Escada (IMP)
Sire: Escolar
Dam: Furst Piccolo


Imported from Germany to Australia in 2017, Escada has all the qualities that we look for in a mare. Imported because of her qualities and bloodlines, Escada as not disappointed us while being under saddle. Her performances have included high scores in Prelim, Novice and Elementary and finishing her competition with a 2nd and a 3rd at the Australian National Dressage Championships having competed in only her 4th and 5th dressage test at Elementary level.

Not only is she a beautiful horse, anyone who handles Escada falls in love as she truly is a pleasure to handle in all aspects. No trouble at competitions, happy to work in an arena with 1 or 15 horses, she is a testament to what we want to produce, temperament, type and rideability.  The future is bright for this very talented mare and we couldn’t be more excited for what lays ahead.

Escada was performance tested in Germany where she received the title of Verbandspramienstute. She is classified with the Hanoverian Horse Society.