What We Do

Quality over Quantity

Breeding a number of quality foals each year gives us the opportunity to offer more personalized services and support to our owners. Everyone’s goals are different, from going to a show, entering a dressage competition, eventing, show jumping or just being able to ride on trails. We look to partner the right horse with the right rider so that we can make make peoples goal and dreams achievable.

To do this, we start with a good foundation, the mares. We pride ourselves on our selection of broodmares as these mares have been selected not only based on their bloodlines, but their temperaments. All our mares have to be “husband” friendly as not everyone is a horse expert. Their temperaments are always measured. We feel that the mare is the most important part of breeding your future partnership.

Temperament is the key to any horse and rider combination being successful in whatever pursuit they choose. Without the temperament we limit our ability for harmony between horse and rider. A busy mind is hard to focus, a relaxed mind is willing to learn.

Our International Connections



We research our stallions in depth.

Through our world wide connections, we have  access to experienced and recognised breeders. These connections enable us to access some of the world’s most elite stallions, some which their semen isn’t yet available in Australia. This is a valuable offering as trying to pick a suitable stallion from just photos and videos don’t show the true stallion. these videos and photos are designed to wow the breeder or rider and are strongly edited to show the exuberant movement at a particular time.

We travel to Europe ourselves every 2 years to see the stallions firsthand. This is incredibly valuable as we get to see both aspiring 3 year old’s and some of the more proven stallions who are competing Grand Prix.In some circumstances stallions we thought that would be a good partner for our mares upon actual viewing are excluded whilst others seen which weren’t considered prior are then included to the breeding program as they have been seen to be stronger and have better movement.


What Make’s us Different?

We handle our foals from day one.  Their feet are trimmed from 4 weeks old, wormed regularly and have one on one handling daily.  We wean in a communal way, meaning their mothers aren’t put in paddocks far away, their mothers will actually stay next to them until they are confident with their new paddock friends. 


“I would like to thank you for allowing Kira to have Jembrae Figaro. He is an amazing horse who can make all her dreams as a dressage rider come true. He has amazed us so much with his two outings already, scoring over 70 % in his tests. He always tries so hard and is so willing. Coming from the show ring to dressage is a learning curb for Kira and Finny is helping Kira to achieve this.”

Chloe Newman

‘Looking for my first warmblood, I never expected to be able to find a horse of Jembrae First Fareess’s quality. By the amazing Grand Prix stallion Fishermans Friend, he has perfect temperament for on going dressage training, a great personality and 3 lovely paces.  Sunny is out of the wonderful Thoroughbred mare, Jembrae Sophie.

I would like to thank Jeannine Brown of Jembrae Warmbloods, for being so accommodating and enthusiastic about my future career with Sunny.
I have had sunny for 10 weeks and he is proving to be just as trainable as Jeannine said he would be, even placing at his first dressage competition after only having been with me for 2 weeks!”

Kirsten Costello

“I love Finny.  He is not only a dressage horse he is part of the family.  Words can not explain how much I love him, he loves cuddles and kisses and every time I go into his paddock he is there following me. Every time I ride him he always tries his best.  Thank you Jembrae Warmbloods, Fin is the best horse I could ask for.”

Kira Newman

“I would like to thank Jembrae Warmbloods on the preparation of the weanling “Jembrae Limited Edition” that I recently purchased from them. It was a delight to have a 6 month old horse that had all the basics for handling, leading and floating already instilled. The “passport” I received with “Jem” provided great peace of mind knowing his full vaccination and worming history was up to date and recorded”. 

Julie de Visser

I have now purchased three outstanding foals from Jeannine and Jembrae Warmbloods and wouldn’t hesitate to take on a forth in future when I’m in the market.

Jeannine produces top quality, dressage bred horses with temperament to be enjoyed by the amateur owner moving up the levels or by a professional who wants a talented ride with the trainability to take them FEI.

Jembrae Rattle N Hum (Arion), foaled Decemeber 2011, Training Advanced. competeing Medium Level.

Jembrae Welcome Promise  (Sheldon) foaled October 2011 now training PSG, competeing at Advanced Level.

Jembrae Fontaine (Frankie) Foaled December 2017

Toni Laracuente

Jembrae Fendi (5 March 2018)

Without me knowing my journey started 4 years ago when  I first went to take some photos of the then 10 day old Jembrae-Fendi. Today I am the proud owner of Fendi and I cannot believe  the temperament of this beautiful horse.

Fendi is a credit to Jeannine’s knowledge of breeding, blood lines and training.

For a young horse from day one he has taken everything in his stride. His ground manners are exceptional, from having his feet done by the farrier to loading onto the float, he has not missed a beat.

We have had trucks, earth moving equipment and all sorts of machinery in the workshop beside his paddock and the noise and activity does not faze him. In fact, his curious nature drives him to investigate what all the activity is about.

He has only just started under saddle and just like everything else he is taking it in his stride. We have been out to the local dressage club for a social day with other horses and he was exactly as he is at home.

On the lunge you can see him listening for the next instruction. I have had him out in crazy windy weather and could see that he was nervous but with his temperament and training, he continued to listen and obey each instruction.

I have also had tarps and umbrellas in the paddock to see his reation and again he is more curious than afraid.

I am looking forward to our journey together and I am so lucky to have been given the oppertunity to buy such a well-mannered and trainable horse like Fendi from Jeannie and Red.

Leanne Smith